About Katie Goldie


Hello. I'm Katie


Katie Goldie is based in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

I grew up near the mountainous Canadian Rockies where my love of the outdoors was born. I am currently working as a travel photographer and blogger using my talents with photos and story telling to have an impact on individuals and the choices they make in life. 

I have always been very active in the outdoors and often go to the limits that may hold other photographers back. You can often find me climbing mountains and camping out not only to get the shot, but because it is my passion. Traveling to the ends of the world also keeps me occupied. I really love to learn about how other cultures live and how the natural world differs in other regions of the earth.  

My main purpose in life is to inspire others. I am currently doing that by showing individuals the world and all the opportunities it has to offer; I think that no one should ever settle in life until they truly find their purpose and passion.