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5 Reasons to Choose a Guided Adventure with SkiBig3


I grew up skiing in this amazing beautiful Alberta backyard of mine, so to say I am familiar with the Ski areas nearby would be a correct assumption. A few weeks ago, we were offered a Guided Ski Adventure with SkiBig3 during which a guide accompanies you on any of the three (or all) Norquay, Lake Louise or Banff Sunshine ski resorts. I was skeptical at first, but after our first day, I realized the worth of having a professional join along. I love all the hills through the Banff National Park and having a guide was a new experience for me, so I have summed up our involvement in five points.

  1. Best Qualified Guides, Especially if You’re New to the Region
    If you are new to the area and want to explore as much as you can, this is the program for you. With upwards of 8,000 acres to ski, it’s easy to get yourself into trouble on the mountain if you put yourself in a situation for which you lack the skill. If you plan on working with the guides, not only will they assess your abilities straight away, but they will challenge you with wonderful terrain without putting you in a dangerous situation.

  2. If You’re Not A Beginner
    The passion these guides have really blew me away. I have skied these hills for years so I considered myself pretty well versed in the area, but our guide had so much knowledge of the area and his love of these mountains shone through. Not only did he take us on terrain I never knew existed, but he had so many great stories about the history of the mountains and fun facts.  He knew what we could handle, and he let us push the limits for improvement.

  3. Customized Groups
    So, you have some good skiers/boarders and some inexperienced ones in your group and you still want to enjoy the day together? No problem. We had the same situation with our adventure. We went as a group together with a couple of guides and came down the runs somewhat together, yet separate. The more experienced group often got two runs in for the price of one and still met up with the entire group. We still had a great enjoyable day mostly together, but we also got to enjoy the freedom of breaking away without pressuring our friends. As an added bonus, you can also join groups of other skilled riders, meaning you can make new friends to ski at your level for the next day out on the hill!

  4. Skip The Line  
    This may not be a big deal for some, but I get really cold really fast so being able to skip the lift lines with a guide was a huge bonus. With a guide, you get all access to the ski school lines so no more cold toes!  I could get used to that for sure.

  5. They Will Set You Up for Your Solo Days
    Life is just a little bit more fun when you access the knowledge of the ski hill. Even if you have explored the place on your own, the guides will have some little nooks to expose you to. It really sets you up for the days you are out with your friends so you can know where the best powder is and the best terrain for your skill level. You can also find the places that have less people and more downhill time.


Overall, any of the SkiBig3 Resorts are amazing, and if you want to go with or sans guides, there are many options and resources to set up a great day in the outdoors with friends and family. Not always easy in winter, but the ski resorts make the play a little more accessible for all.

Katie GoldieComment