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Why Winter at Mt Engadine

Normally for me a month of winter is all I can really stomach before I want to head to somewhere warm but this season I've tried to embrace the cold months and enjoy what it really has to offer. Having amazing experiences in the summer at Mt. Engadine Lodge only further encouraged me to see what it's like in the winter, and I think it may be even more magical if that's possible!

Showing up to this Lodge takes you through Kananaskis, which in the midst of winter is a feast for your eyes as the mountains are blanketed in snow and more stunning than usual. I decided to go with a couple of friends from Calgary, Bec and Andrew; we convoyed to the lodge together stopping along the way for photo opportunities (which there were many!). When we arrived mid afternoon we questioned what we should do and I told them, "Well we can't miss tea time." Bec just laughed at me as if tea was not of importance, but I knew too well that Engadine Lodge puts on the most amazing tea time. Bec and Andrew soon found out later how good it was as we feasted on treats and a cheese board with our tea. The great news is you don't need to stay the night to enjoy tea time! You just have to book ahead if you want an after adventure snack at the Lodge, and the same goes for their dinner service. Let's not kid ourselves though you'll want to stay here it's so dreamy.

We decided to go for a little evening snowshoe after some delicious tea time. You never go hungry at Mt Engadine that's for certain. It started to snow pretty hard by that point and the view of the lodge resembled a snow globe. Thankfully it wasn't very cold outside and Bec, being from Australia, was trying to figure out how snowshoes work. It was quite entertaining and I really recommend bringing someone who has never snowshoed before because it will never be boring.

Coming inside to a warm lodge with the smell of the fire burning and the warmth of the lights will never get old for me. Especially when your cheeks are cold from the outside and your fingers need warming. After kicking all the snow off and putting my warm woolly socks on we sat down for a few games of cribbage, which seems only appropriate for the lodge life (in fact any cabin, hut or tent is appropriate). If I remember correctly I won the first round...  Dinner is always good here, they serve all the guests together so you get to meet some really interesting people over dinner. Summer or Winter the food here has always been better than any place I have ever been. I really need to meet the chef. 

After dinner we played Crib again around the fire late into the night. Some other guests were playing guitar in the room opposite and it was quite the relaxing evening. When morning came we settled at the table for some good coffee and ordered breakfast while looking out at the snow globe. Everyone was preparing for some snowshoeing or cross country skiing that day and we even heard that their were some moose spotted by Mt Shark parking lot down the road. We decided we would head to Kananaskis Lakes to get some photographs and then head back to Canmore. You can rent Fat Bikes from the Lodge and also they have many snowshoes to use as well if you don't have any. You are also only a 45min drive from Canmore and can sign up to do dog sledding down the road at Spray Lakes. I was actually quite surprised at all the winter activities around the lodge.

We grabbed our packed lunch Engadine provides and headed out the door. We may have only stayed the night but it is one place that I am never disappointed by in any season. Winter not only brings an entirely new look to the Lodge but a different fell as well. It still feels like a secret getaway from life but in the winter it has a cozy allure. 

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