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Travel Chapters: Croatia

I went on a recent different kind of trip to Croatia. Europe is a pretty amazing place with a whole new set of wonderful new lessons and cultural differences. I was invited to Croatia by @shareistria along with Turkish Airlines and BMW. In this blog I will give you 5 reasons why Croatia should be on your travel list.

  • You have never Tasted Olive Oil before Croatian Olive oil. We spent an afternoon tasting the best of Istria’s Olive oils. It sort of reminded me of wine tasting. Many things affect the taste of the oil, harvesting time, processing techniques and certain herbal additives. To the smell the oils had a strong grassy smell, like fresh cut grass. Okay so I went a little crazy with the oil. I drenched everything in my personal bottle I was given. Seriously makes everything taste so much better. This was the start of a food love affair this week. Okay so after drenching the oil in all my food this week, I also put it in my Baths and rubbed it all over my skin. I got a little out of control with the olive oil… but my skin is really soft.
  • And then there is Wine… Okay I’m not a crazy wine lover but I do believe a good wine can enhance the olive oil experience I was on. (no my jeans did not fit after this week) Croatia has such amazing wine, it often gets overlooked because Italy has such a hold on the label of being a Wine country. We drank a lot of wine all week. If you love wine this is a big reason to get over here. You could spend days getting lost in vineyards. Charming little villages surrounded by little quaint vineyard.
  • It’s so Romantic here.  Okay so if you have a special someone this place has the ability to make you fall in love all over again. Even if you don’t have someone, this country will make you fall in love with it. The culture, wine, food and people are captivating and an experience like none other. I always thought of Croatia as a mix of Italy and Greece and it is exactly that. The heat and oil of Greece mixed with the romantic touch of Italy. what a beautiful combination.
  • The Food is amazing and Affordable. Croatia has an amazing assortment of the finest foods and the best part of all the food is it is very organic. Most comes from very small farms and it’s not uncommon for restaurants to have a backyard garden. I am a vegetarian and had no problem finding the most amazing alternatives to the seafood and meat. You can taste the love put into the food, sadly that love doesn’t help make my jeans fit!
  • People are so nice. I always get a little skeptical about coming to another country with my first question being, is it safe? I have never felt safer in a place. Every person I met treated me with so much kindness, in fact I made great friends with my cab driver yesterday! Most people know English as well which makes it a bit easier.
Katie Goldie